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Privacy Policy

Your security matters as much as you do

This website is owned and operated by Woodland Realty Investments. It contains information, media and content relating to our services, clients, employees, and investments. As such, the privacy of our community and viewers like yourself is important to us.


By using this website, you have indicated your consent and agreement to the policies and practices herein.

At Woodland Realty Investments employees are responsible to ensure the security of all information entrusted to them. All information is treated with an appropriate level of confidentiality and is protected from loss or unauthorized release. Individual consent is obtained before any information is released to various partners and third-parties, and is never sold or given to any third-parties unless prior arrangements and consent is given. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please forward all your written requests to: 
Woodland Realty Investments - Box 566, Prescott, Ontario, K0E 1T0.

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