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Wooden House

Investing in Property with Purpose

Wealth based in lasting relationships

Investing, and growing wealth is a long-term plan that takes time and energy. It is no simple task. At Woodland Realty Investments, we value your time as much as you do. We understand that the foundation of any long-term investment needs to be relationship. The trust and respect that we have found so fundamental in our marriage is something that we pass onto you, so that you can get back to those personal relationships that matter the most.


Investing in real estate can be a daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming task. Let us take off the stress and bring your investments to the next level. By handling the day-to-day operations, we ensure that your money does what you want it to do – grow.  Right from buying the perfect property, screening tenants and property maintenance over its lifespan we provide you with the best possible options for your exact needs.

We promise you integrity, transparency and trust with each and every opportunity and conversation.

Getting Started

A journey into lasting wealth through personal relationship
Joint Venture Partnerships

By partnering together, all parties involved are able to maximize their return, doing more than either could alone to buy, sell, manage and develop real estate. Investing in real estate is most successful when we all work together, strengthening our wealth through relationships.

This option is perfect for first time investors.

Private Lending

Specializing in private lending with our trusted network of investors and partners, we provide secure options that will exceed your current goals - offering multiple strategies with proven results.

Private lending requires creativity and poise when navigating the best solutions for your real-estate journey. Let's get started!

Self-directed RRSP

While an RRSP is not able to own a piece of real-estate, they are able to lend money secured by title on a mortgage property.


What does that even mean?! 

That means that RRSP mortgages are a 'private mortgage' agreed upon by two parties (RRSP holder & Investor) to get you the most return for your investment.

Getting Started
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