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Humble Beginnings

Roz and Sean met at the CHRI booth in Sept 2013 at a Christian concert. By October 2014 they were engaged and when they attended their pre-marriage counselling their pastor informed them he wouldn't marry them if they didn't get on the same page about finances. 

Roz (declared bankruptcy twice) and Sean ($40k in debt) attended a free two hour financial fitness seminar, where they met their realtors and now best friends and mentors, Ken and Yetta Dekker of the Dekker Team. They also met their mortgage broker David Van Noppen of More than Enough.

They married in December 2014. In spring 2015 they borrowed their first down payment for their first marital home. Following the guidance of their mentors they acquired their first investment property in 2017.

Early in 2020 BC (before Covid) they were introduced to Alfonso Cuadra, co-founder of Wealth Genius.

Both Roz and Sean are now award winning Wealth Genius real estate investors and are both certified Wealth Genius REI coaches who by 2022 had 10x in net worth in two years.

They have found their stride in their different core values and have made a way to "Do good & grow wealth".

Sean Woodland Story
Roz Woodland Story
Sean Woodland

Someone once told me that real estate was the best vehicle for building wealth. I tried so many things. Amazon FBA, click funnels, FOREX trading and I had shiny object syndrome - all before investing in myself and hiring a real estate coach. 

I found my passion! Within two and a half years I have been blessed to retire from the 9-5 grind to exclusively pursue real estate investing and real estate investment coaching. 

Roz and I get to travel and walk properties all over Canada and the world, with the freedom to coach from anywhere over the internet. 

We are loving the life we have created through Woodland Realty Investments. 

Award Winning Real Estate Investor

Certified Wealth Genius Real Estate Investment Coach

Public Speaker

Men's Ministry Leader

Roz Woodland

I refer to myself as the reluctant investor. My highest core value indicator is altruism and, at the beginning of the real estate investment journey I couldn't reconcile wealth and altruism. 

When I realized that we were creating beautiful homes for new tenants, creating jobs, restoring properties and raising property values for other neighbours I realized Sean and I, through Woodland Realty Investments, that my initial judgement wasn't true. 

Wealth and altruism are complimentary!

In 2022, I retired early from my two decades career in research at Carleton University, and use everything I have learned to "Do Good & Build Wealth".


Wealth Genius:

Award Winning Real Estate Investor

Certified Wealth Genius Real Estate Investment Coach

Carleton University Certifications:

Process Management 

Conflict Resolution

Leadership & Management Development

Business Communications Management

Other Qualifications:

Professional Grant Proposal Writing Certificate

Knowledge Management Certificate

Youth Leadership Facilitator

United Way Speaker's Bureau

Women's Ministry

How we got started...

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